Terms AND conditions 2017
Terms and conditions



1.- Are able to participate every person o group of persons from any country or people of the world that present a work that meets the subjects of FICAMS. By the only fact of applying to FICAMS 2017, through our webpage www.ficams.cl or the Festhome Platform, the participant states that agrees with this terms and conditions. Any requirement should be addressed to the following email: info@ficams.cl. In case of any miss interpretation or mistake of the present Terms and Conditions it will prevail the good judging of this organization and will accept or deny any requirements not established on this document. Works that have participated of previous versions of FICAMS cannot participate of this the 2017 version.


Terms and Conditions are available on our web page: www.ficams.cl


2.- Only can participate those Works on digital media, that their main subject are related to environmental matters such as: Recycling, climate change, renewable energies, sustainability, and to all acts of the human specie related to Earth.


The Works presented by applicants can be short Films, feature-length Films, animation movies or documentaries. The same person or Group of people is entitled to apply for the competition by presenting more than one piece of work.


3.-participants must select one category of participation, independent of gender, length or style. Jury may give one or more a special mention to one or more works of each category. Categories for FICAMS 2017 are Open Competency and National Competency.


In Open Competency can participate all Works that meets ficams’ subjects and matters.

In National Competency can participate all Works that meets ficams’ subjects and that meets at least one of the following criteria:


a.- Works made by a chilean director and/or producer.

b.- Made by a non Chilean in Chilean territory and that in their work reference they state that the film is a Chilean work.

c.- Right holders of the work have registered the work’s rights with the pertinent chilean organism.

One individual work cannot participate on both categories.




4.- Copy format. All Works have to be submitted on a reusable support such as USB pen drive, memory card or through download link via WEB.


5.- Language. All Works which language is not Spanish shall be mandatorily subtitled or dubbed into the Spanish language. Those Works that are not Spanish spoken, dubbed or subtitled might be selected on an “On Show” and out of competency criteria. In all cases transcripts of dialogs or text featured will be required on a text file.


6.- Required documentation. Along with filling the participation form from the festival’s web page the following documentation is required to be email to info@ficams.cl:


a.-A link or a digital copy of the work presented. If physical copy then must be 2 copies.

b.- 3 Frames of the work of minimum size: 1600x1600 pixel at 300dpi resolution.

c.- Director’s photography, of minimum size: 1600x1600 pixels at de 300dpi resolution.

d.- Digital front page of the work, of minimum size 1600x1600 pixels at 300dpi resolution.

e.- A link to a downloadable trailer of the work.

f.- Transcription of dialogs and text featured on work on attached text file. (only for works not in spanish language) If above documentation is not presented on deadline work may be out of terms.


7.- Mailing. Required documentation must be digitally received by FICAMS, Festival Internacional de Cine de la Antártica sobre Ambiente y Sustentabilidad, before the 31st of august 2017. If participant cannot send via email or web de above documentation then must be shipped to postal address below.


Email address: info@ficams.cl


Postal address:


Av. Independencia # 205,

CP: 6201018






8.- Selected Works. Selecting committee will ensure Works meets this Terms and Conditions and choose participant works on FICAMS 2017. Final decision will be communicated to applicant by

the third week of July 2017. Ensure you are providing a valid email on application form. Received films will be classified as:


-Open Competency. (Selected Work to Open Competency for FICAMS 2017),

-National Competency. (Selected Work to National Competency for FICAMS 2017),

-On Show. (Selected Work to be screened out of Competency for FICAMS 2017),

-Not selected. (Work that is not selected for FICAMS 2017) and

-Out of Terms: (Work that does not meets this Terms and Conditions for FICAMS 2017).


9.- Use of submitted material. Received material will not be returned, they will be included in FICAMS archive to be screened or to be use for promotional purposes of future versions of the festival. By applying to FICAMS 2017 the person in charge of application declares that has rights to do so and authorizes the use of submitted material for stipulated use.


10.- FICAMS 2017 prize. Selected works will participate for the Pingüino FICAMS prize. The prize will be for the work represented by its director. Prize(s) are personal, not traferible and non changeable for Money. They might be complementary awards and prizes that complement El Pingüino.


11.- FICAMS’ Penguin. Handcarfted by local Sculptor and ceramist artisan from Chillán, Virginia Traub Ramos. It has been modeled from clay of Ñuble area, place with long tradition of ceramists. She uses different types of clay to acquire desired characteristics.


12.- Jury. Jury will have the mission to choose the best film from each competency of FICAMS 2017. The jury will screen the films along with the festival Schedule. Jury will not have previous access to films in competency before her/his arrival and conformation in Punta Arenas. Jury will be composed of three members related to promote and develop a better environment, to the arts of filmmaking or to other film festivals and from the local community related either to science or local issues. Once started the festival the members of jury will conform and nominate a president of jury whom will represent them. Jury decision will not be open to appeal.


13.- Sustainable proficiency. Works participating of FICAMS 2017 cannot be financed by brands, funds, institutions or any other that on their main operations create severe damage to the environment. Works selected to FICAMS 2017 and financed by any of the before mentioned institutions are able to be disqualified at any given point that this information is acquired, regardless of the state of the process of FICAMS they are.



The FICAMS team.

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Terms AND conditions

FICAMS/ 6º Festival Internacional de Cine de la Antártica sobre Ambiente y Sustentabilidad/Cultura Sustentable 2017. Todos los derechos Reservados